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1 February 2007

2007 Artist in Residence

AñA Wojak has been invited to be the 2007 Artist in Residence at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.

Photo-synthesis: a project reflecting of the cycles of nature and our place in it.

Throughout the year she is creating site-specific installations within the gardens. These ephemeral works will be made using discarded plant material in a symbiotic relationship between artist and gardens.

A weblog, starting in April, will document the project and it will culminate in a 3 month exhibition at the Palmhouse and Red Box Gallery.

13 February 2007


Depot Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Executed in oils on burnished recycled sheet steel, this exhibition showcases AñA's unique technique in which she is painting with light, even before the application of colour. Fine glazes of oil paint produce rich, deep hues alongside subtle transparencies and the resulting paintings have a chatoyant quality: shimmering and changing with every change of ambient light.

Each of the 52 works in this exhibition is a stand-alone piece, but when hung together they form a continuum of graduating hues and sizes. Linking them is a glowing band of light that runs through the middle of each one to circle the room. They are journeys to be lost on.

When: 13-24 February 2007