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Nyepi: 15th Performance Art Conference, Bedalu, Bali

The realisation of ability to be an angel for anyone
Nyepi, Bali's Day of Silence - New Moon, March 19 2007
All evil spirits shall be irritated by the means of this Day of Silence.

AñA will be presenting a cycle of performances in the days preceding Balinese New Year; Melasti; cleansing, Tawur Kesanga; exorcism, (and following) Ngembak Geni; forgiveness. Nyepi; new years day itself, is The Day of Silence, when all of Bali closes down in introspection.

The conference invites worldwide participation in the silence of Nyepi on 19 march.

Details on www.lemahputih.com
Organised by E.P.I Zentrum www.asa.de

When: 16-20 March 2007